San Diego Wedding Catering
People often ask us "What do you like about your job?". The answer is "We love catering weddings". What is it not to love! Weddings are joyful, emotional and fun. We feel so blessed being part of one of the most important days of your life.
At TOAST, we can help you with the very first step of your wedding planning, which is venue selection. For the last 10 years, we have catered all around San Diego county. We can help you to select the Estate venue, venue with Ocean view, Urban Downtown venue, Historic building venue, Winery, Outdoor venue, etc.
Let us educate you about the type of service that will work best for you.
The type of service sets the tone for the evening. Your event space also can dictate what type of service may work best for you. We offer buffet, plated dinner, family style dinner and moving style food stations. Please call us for consultation.
Fantastic food served by professional and motivated staff will make your guests feel really special. Our meticulous attention to detail on the food and service will make your wedding unforgettable. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your spectacular party with your delighted, highly impressed guests.
Why should you hire TOAST Catering for your wedding
• Wedding Cake cutting services and corkage fee: Unlike many caterers in San Diego, TOAST Catering  doesn’t charges an extra fee for wedding cake cutting and corkage fee.
• Food cooked fresh onsite: Unlike many caterers that cook their food 4-6 hours ahead of time before your dinner reception, at TOAST we pride ourselves in cooking our food onsite. When shopping for a caterer, ask them if they bring a stove and oven to understand how fresh their food will be when served.
• We have the reputation to offer some of the nicest food and buffet stations. People will remember memorable food.
We hope you will decide that TOAST Catering is the right caterer for your wedding in San Diego county. We are also available to provide food tasting for $70 (by appointment only, for events higher than $3000). We look forward to serving you soon. Call 858.208.9422 or email TOAST today for menu consultation. Click here yo view our Buffet Wedding menu, Plated Menu or our Vegetarian and Vegan Menu.
San Diego, CA
Phone:  619.795.9135
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“Dear Kim & Sam,
Thank you for your superb catering service last weekend. Our bride, groom and guests have passed on rave reviews of both the quality of food AND VIP service.
It’s a blessing in this industry to find a trusted vendor who exceeds expectations, and is a pleasure to work with...
We hope this is the first of many events together.
Thank you.”
Jenny & Cara
Co-founders of Luxe Special Events
Photography by Justin Lee Photography